Green Thumb

Green Thumb (GT) welcomes all who share an interest in nature and all things growing and living outdoors.  Our activities include:

  • Talks from garden experts (seeds, planting, flowers and vegetables)
  • Demonstrations, flower arranging and nature walks

and when the weather permits we enjoy:

  • Local garden tours
  • Day trips to formal gardens

For months where activities are planned to take place in the clubhouse, we meet on the second Friday of the month at the WCSM clubhouse at 9.30am for coffee with the meeting starting at 10am, although this also depends on the availability of our experts and presenters. We request a $3-$5 donation at most meetings. The cost is usually more for day trips and workshops.

We are planning our 2021/2022 calendar to ensure there is a good variety of activities.  All events are subject to confirmation. Our first two confirmed events are:

Thursday October 14th “Welcome to Green Thumb” meeting
Emma Jean Morgan from Robin’s Nest will be our guest presenter  

Friday November 12th Bonsai presentation
Wayne Warren from the Maryland Bonsai Association will be our guest presenter

Chair: Naomi Clark-Turner

The photos below are of the Woodland Basket demonstration and workshop in March 2020 and the flower fields from our trip to Seaberry Farm in September 2020