WCSM Culinary Fall 2021 

Cautiously optimistic, the Culinary Committee, has four events planned for this club year.

Events are open to members who are fully vaccinated and masked.

Tuesday, October, 12, 10:30 am: Ruby’s Cake Shoppe
415 East Dover Street, Easton (in Domino Pizza shopping area)

Meet at Ruby’s Cake Shop on Dover Street in Easton to meet owner and baker, Ruby. See her kitchen in operation, and learn about her standard & custom offerings.

This event is limited to 15 members.  Cost $5 each.  To reserve, email:

We will be taking a sampling of Ruby’s baked goods to Vickers Park in Easton Village where coffee, cold beverages, tables and seating await.  There we can safely unmask, relax over our goodies and visit.  A bocce court and balls are available for anyone eager to have a game and work off a few calories!  In case of inclement weather, there is a small pavilion in the park.

Friday, January 22 (Morning): Lyon Distillery in St Michaels will be cooking with rum!  Yum! What better way to warm up in the chilly post-holiday season.

Friday, March 11 (Morning): (in conjunction with GT- may be March 18):  Everything you ever wanted to know about composting.  Get ready for spring and a new growing season in your garden.

May 20:  A special event to be announced at a later date!

Sharon Bianchetti – co-chair
Lynn Freeburger-Partridge – co-chair
Barbara Weingarden – co-chair

2020 SOUP’S ON – Links to recipes below
Broccoli Silk Soup Susan Kanicki
Sausage and Vegetable Soup Bev Porter
Roasted tomato basil soup Sara Walker
Pumpkin Bread Monica DeMarco
Italian Wedding Soup by Barb Colledge
Cream of Broccoli Soup Barbara Weingarden
Classic Chicken Soup Carolyn Kane
Vegetarian Vegetable Soup by Alexandra Prevost
Hamburger Bun Recipe for Breadman by Susan Kanicki
Butternut Squash – Carrot Soup by Betty Ann Seabury